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Dan Crow and 16 KidzMusic Artists Present a Variety of Science Subjects Through Music – Plus a DVD of Animated Science Songs

After Dan Crow's recording of Concoctions in 2016 won numerous awards and got rave reviews, he thought why not make videos to accompany those songs, which would be even more help to kids learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And why not include more STEM songs? So Dan and the rest of us at KidzMusic listened to dozens of possibilities from our group of more than 60 children's musicians, and we chose what we think are the best and most fun 16 songs that fit the subject. And why the name STEAM 16? Because the Art of music is what makes learning about STE(A)M more fun!.


The Kidz STEM Songz package contains three discs: 1. Dan Crow's CONCOCTIONS; 2. CONCOCTIONS: the DVD; and 3. STEAM 16, and a colorful booklet with information on all the artists.

These songs were written with children in mind, but we think adults just might learn something from them, too. Sit and listen and enjoy, or get up and dance if you feel like it! We hope these songs will wow you, and move you, and make you want to go out and learn more!

Meet the Artists

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“Kidz STEM Songz is a great way to help spark youthful interest in the mysteries and wonder of science, and highly recommended especially for school and public library children’s multimedia collections.”

Midwest Book Reviews

A Dan Crow fan from Germany (practicing her English) wrote him this letter:

Dear Dan,

On the CD Concoctions I liked the songs Nr. 3 + 4 the most. On the DVD I liked the songs “You’re an Engineer”, “Seven” and the first song “Science, science, science” the most. On the CD Steam 16 I like all songs.

I like them because the music is great. I also like the way you sing the words very much.

Best wishes,

Carla Sheedy, age 10
Mannheim, Germany

Concoctions  is now part of a three disc package known as Kidz STEM Songz. The first CD is Dan’s album, Concoctions. The second CD is chock full of music from a wide variety of children’s performers all singing about STEM related topics. And the third disc in the collection is a DVD featuring five videos from the songs on Concoctions. And here today, is the online premiere for one of those videos – “You’re An Engineer.”

from Kids Rhythm and Rock

Dan Crow,
Your Cds were an immense accomplishment! The STEM songs were great entertainment. I think the people who sang those songs were good. E=Mc2 was my favorite of the STEM songs. I also liked your Engineering song because my dad is a computer engineer. I think you are a magnificent musician and your music is so enjoyable that I am writing my own songs just as fun as yours. The whole collection of songs is a 5 1/2 stars out of 5.

Harper Melin, aged 8


Tilliwig “Brain Child” Award 2018

This remarkable 3 disc set entertains and engages children with songs and music videos that playfully explore STEM themes…Mr. Crow’s talent for crafting catchy tunes with clever and amusing lyrics, as well as a companion DVD that takes kids on a joyful journey through a world of animated science fun!