Veronica of Kids Rhythm and Rock did a wonderful review for our Kidz STEM Songz collection:

I spent this morning with a book rep looking through dozens upon dozens of new books from a wide variety of publishers. I couldn’t even begin to keep count of the number of book series that had the word STEM in them. Some of these series were really well done, and others, well, it was clear they were trying to jump on the buzzword bandwagon and stuff STEM terms into books that otherwise wouldn’t fit into that category.
That’s one of the things I appreciate about Dan Crow’s album Concoctions. It is filled with STEM songs, but it never feels like the STEM of the album is anything but meant to be there. Concoctions is now part of a three disc package known as Kidz STEM Songz. The first CD is Dan’s album, Concoctions. The second album in this set is KidzMusic’s STEAM. These 15 songs cover topics from the genius of Einstein to botany. Each track is performed by a varied group of children’s artists ranging from Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band to Jonathan Sprout to Eric Ode and Danny Weinkaf. And the third disc in the collection is a DVD featuring five videos from the songs on Concoctions. This box set is definitely a one of a kind.